Spatio-temporal isolator in lithium niobate on insulator
절연체에 있는 니오브산 리튬의 시공 격리기
Aislador espacio - temporal de Niobato de litio sobre aislador
Isolateur spatio - temporel au Niobate de lithium sur isolant
Пространственно - временная изоляция ниобата лития на изоляторе
Haijin Huang 黄海津 ¹, Armandas Balčytis ¹, Aditya Dubey ¹, Andreas Boes ¹ ² ³, Thach G. Nguyen ¹, Guanghui Ren 任光辉 ¹, Mengxi Tan 谭朦曦 ¹, Arnan Mitchell ¹
¹ Integrated Photonics and Applications Centre, School of Engineering, RMIT University, Melbourne VIC 3001, Australia
² School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The University of Adelaide, Adelaide SA 5005, Australia
³ Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing, The University of Adelaide, Adelaide SA 5005, Australia
Opto-Electronic Science, 30 March 2023

In this contribution, we simulate, design, and experimentally demonstrate an integrated optical isolator based on spatiotemporal modulation in the thin-film lithium niobate on an insulator waveguide platform. We used two cascaded travelling wave phase modulators for spatiotemporal modulation and a racetrack resonator as a wavelength filter to suppress the sidebands of the reverse propagating light. This enabled us to achieve an isolation of 27 dB.

The demonstrated suppression of the reverse propagating light makes such isolators suitable for the integration with III-V laser diodes and Erbium doped gain sections in the thin-film lithium niobate on the insulator waveguide platform.
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