Strange quark star and the parameter space of the quasi-particle model
이상한 쿼크 별과 준 입자 모델의 매개 변수 공간
Extraña estrella de quark y el espacio de parámetros del modelo de cuasi partículas
Etrange quark star et l'espace des paramètres du modèle de quasi-particule
Странная кварковая звезда и пространство параметров квазичастичной модели
Wen-Hua Cai 蔡文华, Qing-Wu Wang 王庆武
College of Physics, Sichuan University, Chengdu 610064, China
中国 成都 四川大学物理学院
Communications in Theoretical Physics, 16 August 2021

The properties of strange quark stars are studied within the quasi-particle model. Taking into account chemical equilibrium and charge neutrality, the equation of state (EOS) of (2+1)-flavor quark matter is obtained.

We illustrate the parameter spaces with constraints from two aspects: one is based on the astronomical results of PSR J0740 + 6620 and GW 170 817, and the other is based on the constraints proposed from the theoretical study of a compact star that the EOS must ensure the tidal deformability A₁.₄ = 190⁺³⁹⁰₋₁₂₀ and support a maximum mass above 1.97 M. It is found that neither type of constraints can restrict the parameter space of the quasi-particle model in a reliable region and thus we conclude that the low mass compact star cannot be a strange quark star.
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