In-band intermodulation induced by transient response of erbium-doped fiber amplifier
에르븀 도핑된 광섬유 증폭기의 과도 응답에 의해 유도된 대역 내 상호 변조
Intermodulación en banda inducida por respuesta transitoria del amplificador de fibra dopada con erbio
Intermodulation dans la bande induite par la réponse transitoire d'un amplificateur à fibre dopée à l'erbium
Внутриполосная интермодуляция, вызванная переходной характеристикой усилителя на волокне, легированном эрбием
Guang-hao Shao 邵光灏 ¹ ², Xingwei Ye 叶星炜 ¹ ², Guoqiang Zhang 张国强 ¹ ², Yuqi Tan 谈宇奇 ¹ ², Jiquan Zhai 翟计全 ¹ ², Yuhao Yang 杨予昊 ¹ ²
¹ Nanjing Research Institute of Electronics Technology, Nanjing 210039, China
中国 南京 南京电子技术研究所
² Key Laboratory of IntelliSense Technology, China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, Nanjing 210039, China
中国 南京 中国电子科技集团公司 智能感知技术重点实验室
Chinese Optics Letters, 7 September 2021

Transient response of erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) is studied in an external-modulated analog link. Double tones representing as transmitted radio frequency (RF) and dither signals are introduced.

Extra modulation is generated owing to EDFA’s transient response caused by low-frequency dither signal. Therefore, the parasitic modulation is superposed to the output signals and may significantly affect in-band electrical spectrums. Analytical and numerical solutions are both given, which agree well with experimental results.

This manuscript indicates that suitable dither signal should be selected to maximize carrier to intermodulation ratio. In-band spurious free dynamic range is optimized in the meantime.
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