Lei Chen and André Janssen (eds.), Dispute Resolution in China
Lei Chen 与 André Janssen (eds.),在中国解决争议
Lei Chen 및 André Janssen (eds.), 중국의 분쟁 해결
Lei Chen y André Janssen (eds.), Resolución de disputas en China
Lei Chen et André Janssen (éd.), Dispute Resolution in China
Лей Чен и Андре Янссен (ред.), Разрешение споров в Китае
Gvantsa Dzneladze
The KoGuan Law School, Shanghai Jiao Tong University 上海交通大学 凯原法学院
Chinese Journal of International Law, 9 August 2021
Book Review

1. Dispute Resolution in China, Europe and the World provides an expansive survey of international dispute resolution as it is today, specifically in the fields of commercial courts, commercial arbitration, and investment arbitration. Thus, the book is divided into three corresponding parts. Each largely succeeds in establishing goalposts that judiciaries, legislators, tribunals, and multinational companies can use to navigate key developments or to guide reforms.

2. Commercial courts are as fundamental to infrastructure "as traffic conditions, communication networks and taxes" (p. 4). That is the foundation on which Gerhard Wagner and Arvid Arntz open Chapter 1. Comparing the German Commercial Chambers with the English, New York, and Dutch equivalents, the authors make a case for German reform ....
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