Scientific athletics training: Flexible sensors and wearable devices for kineses monitoring applications
과학 육상 훈련: 운동 모니터링 애플리케이션을 위한 유연한 센서 및 웨어러블 장치
Entrenamiento científico de atletismo: sensores flexibles y dispositivos portátiles para aplicaciones de monitoreo de kineses
Entraînement d'athlétisme scientifique : capteurs flexibles et dispositifs portables pour les applications de surveillance des kineses
Тренировки по легкой атлетике: гибкие датчики и носимые устройства для мониторинга кинезисов
Bingtian Su 苏炳添 ¹ ² ³, Jianliang Li 李健良 ², Huihua Xu 徐慧华 ², Ze Xu 徐泽 ², Jianxin Meng 孟建新 ², Xiaoping Chen 陈小平 ¹ ³, Fengyu Li 李风煜 ²
¹ China Institute of Sport Science, Beijing 100061, China
中国 北京 国家体育总局体育科学研究所
² College of Chemistry and Materials Science, Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Functional Supramolecular Coordination Materials and Applications, Guangdong Engineering & Technology Research Centre of Graphene-like Materials and Products, Jinan University, School of Physical Education, Guangzhou 510632, China
中国 广州 暨南大学,化学与材料学院,体育学院,广东省功能配位超分子材料及应用重点实验室,广东省石墨烯类功能及高性能材料与制品(器件)工程技术研究中心
³ Beijing Sport University, Beijing 100084, China
中国 北京 北京体育大学
Scientia Sinica Informationis, 1 November 2021

Athletics is the critical factor to evaluate the national sport competence. Current athletics is pursuing the higher performance, and is imperiously calling the scientific and personalized coaching programs. The achievements on flexible electronics, multi-integrated devices and artificial intelligence are promoting the significant improvement on intellectualization, diversified, microminiaturize, portable or wearable. The comprehensive, multi-perspective and hierarchical monitoring for athlete vital signs and big-data analyzing, can guide the scientific coaching schemes and body recovery procedures, which can avoid the risk of athletic injury and promote the kineses performance.

In this review, focused on the requirements of vital signs and physiological signals monitoring, we summarized the progresses of developing flexible electronics, photo-electro response and their integrated devices for vital signs or physiological signals monitoring applications. Various sensing mechanisms, including electrophysiological monitoring, biochemical detection, photoplethysmogram and tissue dynamics analysis, were illustrated. The novel wearable intelligent devices and facile quantitative vital signs monitoring will help the evolution and promotion of athletics coaching and exercising with new sport scientific theory.

We endeavor to contribute the most comprehensive, systematic and frontier technical reserve for all of the professional athletes and sport industry, to promote China 'national sport prosperousness'.
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