ZnO nanowires based degradable high-performance photodetectors for eco-friendly green electronics
ZnO 나노선 기반 분해성 고성능 친환경 전자 탐지기
Detector electrónico degradable de alto rendimiento y respetuoso con el medio ambiente basado en nanocables de ZNo
Détecteur électronique écologique dégradable et haute performance à base de Nanofils ZnO
 Разродимый высокопроизводительный детектор экологически чистой электроники на основе нанометров ZnO 
Bhavani Prasad Yalagala, Abhishek Singh Dahiya, Ravinder Dahiya
Bendable Electronics and Sensing Technologies (BEST) Group, University of Glasgow, Glasgow G12 8QQ, U.K
Opto-Electronic Advances, 30 September 2022
Disposable devices designed for single and/or multiple reliable measurements over a short duration have attracted considerable interest recently. However, these devices often use non-recyclable and non-biodegradable materials and wasteful fabrication methods. Herein, we present ZnO nanowires (NWs) based degradable high-performance UV photodetectors (PDs) on flexible chitosan substrate.

Systematic investigations reveal the presented device exhibits excellent photo response, including high responsivity (55 A/W), superior specific detectivity (4x1014 jones), and the highest gain (8.5x1010) among the reported state of the art biodegradable PDs. Further, the presented PDs display excellent mechanical flexibility under wide range of bending conditions and thermal stability in the measured temperature range (5–50 °C). The biodegradability studies performed on the device, in both deionized (DI) water (pH≈6) and PBS solution (pH=7.4), show fast degradability in DI water (20 mins) as compared to PBS (48 h).

These results show the potential the presented approach holds for green and cost-effective fabrication of wearable, and disposable sensing systems with reduced adverse environmental impact.
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