All-optical vector visual cryptography with high security and rapid decryption
높은 보안 및 빠른 암호 해독을 위한 전광 벡터 비주얼 암호
Contraseña visual vectorial All - light con alta seguridad y descifrado rápido
Code visuel vectoriel full light avec haute sécurité et déchiffrement rapide
Полнооптический векторный визуальный код с высокой степенью безопасности и быстрой расшифровкой
Zhekun Chen 陈哲堃, Minghui Hong 洪明辉
Pen-Tung Sah Institute of Micro-Nano Science and Technology, Xiamen University, Xiamen 361005, China
中国 厦门 厦门大学 萨本栋微米纳米科学技术研究院
Opto-Electronic Advances, 30 May 2023

Meta optics-empowered vector visual cryptography at the abundant degrees of freedom of light and spatial dislocation can open an avenue for optical information security and anti-counterfeiting with a compact footprint and rapid decryption.
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