Generation of lossy mode resonances (LMR) using perovskite nanofilms
칼슘 티타늄 나노 필름을 사용하여 손실 모드 공명 발생(LMR)
Resonancia de modo de pérdida (lmr) producida con nanopelículas de Perovskita
Utilisation de Nanofilms de pérovskite pour produire la résonance de mode de perte (LMR)
Резонанс режима потерь с использованием нанопленки перовскита (LMR)
Dayron Armas ¹, Ignacio R. Matias ¹ ², M. Carmen Lopez-Gonzalez ³, Carlos Ruiz Zamarreño ¹ ², Pablo Zubiate ¹, Ignacio del Villar ¹ ², Beatriz Romero ³
¹ Electrical, Electronic and Communications Engineering Department, Public University of Navarra, 31006 Pamplona, Spain
² Institute of Smart Cities (ISC), Public University of Navarra, 31006 Pamplona, Spain
³ Experimental Science and Technology School, Rey Juan Carlos University, 28933 Mostoles, Spain
Opto-Electronic Advances, 26 February 2024

The results presented here show for the first time the experimental demonstration of the fabrication of lossy mode resonance (LMR) devices based on perovskite coatings deposited on planar waveguides. Perovskite thin films have been obtained by means of the spin coating technique and their presence was confirmed by ellipsometry, scanning electron microscopy, and X-ray diffraction testing.

The LMRs can be generated in a wide wavelength range and the experimental results agree with the theoretical simulations. Overall, this study highlights the potential of perovskite thin films for the development of novel LMR-based devices that can be used for environmental monitoring, industrial sensing, and gas detection, among other applications.
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