Multi-wavelength nanowire micro-LEDs for future high speed optical communication
미래 고속 광통신을 위한 다파장 나노선 마이크로LED
LED en miniatura de nanolínea de longitud de onda múltiple para futuras comunicaciones ópticas de alta velocidad
Micro LED Nanofils Multi - longueur d'onde pour les futures communications optiques haute vitesse
Многоволновые нанометровые микросветодиоды для будущей высокоскоростной оптической связи
Ayush Pandey, Zetian Mi 米泽田
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109, USA
Opto-Electronic Advances, 20 March 2024

The future of optoelectronics is directed towards small-area light sources, foremost being microLEDs. However, their use has been inhibited so far primarily due to fabrication and integration challenges, which impair efficiency and yield. Recently, bottom-up nanostructures grown using selective area epitaxy have garnered attention as a solution to the aforementioned issues.

Prof. Lan Fu et. al. have used this technique to demonstrate uniform p-i-n core-shell InGaAs/InP nanowire array light emitting diodes. The devices are capable of voltage and geometry-controlled multi-wavelength and high-speed operations. Their publication accentuates the wide capabilities of bottom-up nanostructures to resolve the difficulties of nanoscale optoelectronics.
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