Paper-based WS₂ photodetectors fabricated by all-dry techniques
基于纸张的WS₂ 全干式技术制造的光电探测器
紙ベースWS₂ 全乾式技術で製造された光検出器紙ベースWS₂ かんぜんかんしきこうでんけんしゅつき
용지 기반 WS₂ 전건식 기술로 만든 광전 탐지기 종이 기반 WS₂ 전건식으로 만든 광전 탐지기
Ws basado en papel ₂ Detector fotoeléctrico a base de papel WS fabricado con tecnología totalmente seca ₂ Fotodetector fabricado en seco completo
WS sur papier ₂ Photodétecteur à base de papier WS fabriqué en technologie entièrement sèche ₂ Photodétecteurs fabriqués par voie sèche totale
Бумажный WS ₂ Фотоэлектрический детектор на основе бумаги WS ₂ Фотодетектор полностью сухого производства
Francesco Pieri, Gianluca Fiori
Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione, Università di Pisa, Pisa 56122, Italy
Opto-Electronic Advances, 15 November 2023

A recent application of a simple, all-dry, abrasive transfer of 2D materials on paper demonstrates the potential of two-dimensional tungsten disulfide (WS₂) as the sensitive material of a flexible photoconductive detector. The devices show really good responsivity over a bandwidth spanning from near infrared to ultraviolet and could open new avenues towards disposable optoelectronics systems.
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