Taxonomy notes on twenty-eight spider species (Arachnida: Araneae) from Asia
来自亚洲的二十八种蜘蛛 (蛛形纲: 蛛科) 的分类注释
アジア産の 28 種のクモ (クモ類: クモ目) に関する分類ノート
아시아의 28종 거미(Arachnida: Araneae)에 대한 분류 정보
Notas taxonómicas sobre veintiocho especies de arañas (Arachnida: Araneae) de Asia
Notes de taxonomie sur vingt-huit espèces d'araignées (Arachnida : Araneae) d'Asie
Примечания по таксономии двадцати восьми видов пауков (Arachnida: Araneae) из Азии
Yejie Lin 林业杰 ¹, Huifeng Zhao 赵惠峰 ², Joseph K H Koh ³, Shuqiang Li 李枢强 ¹
¹ Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100101, China
中国 北京 中国科学院动物研究所
² Hebei Key Laboratory of Animal Diversity, College of Life Science, Langfang Normal University, Langfang 065000, China
中国 廊坊 廊坊师范学院生命科学学院 河北省动物多样性重点实验室
³ National Biodiversity Centre, National Parks Board, 259569, Singapore
Zoological Systematics, 15 July 2022

Five new genera are reported, namely Rathalos Lin & Li, gen. nov., of Anyphaenidae Simon, 1892, with Anyphaena xiushanensis Song & Zhu, 1991 (♂♀, China: Hubei, Sichuan) as the type species, Funny Lin & Li, gen. nov., of Dictynidae O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1871, with Funny valentine Lin & Li, sp. nov. (♂♀, China: Sichuan) as the type species, Pararana Lin & Li, gen. nov., of Leptonetidae Simon, 1890, with Pararana gaofani Lin & Li, sp. nov. (♂, China: Jiangsu) as the type species, and Burmalema Zhao & Li, gen. nov. and Milema Zhao & Li, gen. nov. of Telemidae Fage, 1913, with Burmalema shan Zhao & Li, sp. nov. (♂♀, Myanmar) and Milema nuichua Zhao & Li, sp. nov. (♂♀, Vietnam) as the type species.

Another twenty-two new species are reported in the current paper, including Araneidae Clerck, 1757: Ordgarius bo Lin & Li, sp. nov. (♀, China: Yunnan), O. liyuanba Lin & Li, sp. nov. (♀, China: Hainan) and Paraplectana magnaculata Lin & Li, sp. nov. (♀, China: Hunan); Ctenidae Keyserling, 1877: Amauropelma gui Lin & Li, sp. nov. (♂, China: Guangxi); Filistatidae Simon, 1864: Pholcoides erebus Lin & Li, sp. nov. (♂, China: Tibet); Gnaphosidae Banks, 1892: Cryptodrassus beijing Lin & Li, sp. nov. (♂♀, China: Beijing); Halonoproctidae Pocock, 1901: Latouchia yuanjingae Lin & Li, sp. nov. (♂♀, China: Hainan); Liocranidae Simon, 1897: Paratus meiyingae Lin & Li, sp. nov. (♂, China: Yunnan) and P. nanling Lin & Li, sp. nov. (♂♀, China: Guangdong); Ochyroceratidae Fage, 1912: Speocera tongyaoi Lin & Li, sp. nov. (♂♀, China: Guangdong) and S. wangi Lin & Li, sp. nov. (♂, China: Hainan); Oxyopidae Thorell, 1869: Hamataliwa wangi Lin & Li, sp. nov. (♂♀, China: Fujian); Salticidae Blackwall, 1841: Hyllus shanhonghani Lin & Li, sp. nov. (♂♀, China: Jiangxi); Selenopidae Simon, 1897: Siamspinops banna Lin & Li, sp. nov. (♂♀, China: Yunnan); Telemidae Fage, 1913: Mekonglema chiangmai Zhao & Li, sp. nov. (♂♀, Thailand), Milema lorkor Zhao & Li, sp. nov. (♂♀, Thailand) and M. sai Zhao & Li, sp. nov. (♂♀, Thailand); Tetrablemmidae O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873: Singaporemma shenzhen Lin & Li, sp. nov. (♂♀, China: Guangdong); Tetragnathidae Menge, 1866: Dolichognatha yue Lin & Li, sp. nov. (♂♀, China: Guangdong); Theridiidae Sundevall, 1833: Spheropistha pingshan Lin & Li, sp. nov. (♂♀, China: Guangdong); Theridiosomatidae Simon, 1881: Wendilgarda housaiyuae Lin & Li, sp. nov. (♂♀, China: Yunnan) and Titanoecidae Lehtinen, 1967: Pandava banna Lin & Li, sp. nov. (♂♀, China: Yunnan).

Two new combinations in the family Anyphaenidae are proposed: Rathalos treecko (Lin & Li, 2021), comb. nov., R. xiushanensis (Song & Zhu, 1991), comb. nov., both transferred from Anyphaena Sundevall, 1833.
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